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Overcoming Ego


Seven steps for overcoming ego’s hold on you

1. Stop being offended

2. Let go of your need to win

3. Let go of your need to be right

4. Let go of your need to be superior

5. Let go of your need to have more

6. Let go of identifying yourself on the basis of your achievements

7. Let go of your reputation

Ego is the source of a lot of conflict and dissension because it pushes you in the direction of making other people wrong.

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Hysterical isn’t the only word that is all too common when it comes to discrediting women based on their gender. Shrill and Angry are also negatives that women who express opinions face fairly regularly, regardless of the content, validity, or delivery of their position. Senator Harry Reid, who apparently can find his spine when it comes time to be sexist, called Sarah Palin shrill while she was the vice presidential nominee. Hillary Clinton was routinely called shrill in the media during her 2008 primary run — a run that ended with an Obama rally blasting the song “99 Problems” after she conceded. These insults are some of the best ways to attack your opponent when you have nothing valid or relevant to say; you simply remind everyone that your opponent is a woman, and women are always emotional and irrational on account of that silly uterus.

Intentionally Sexist Blogger Claims DNC Women “Shrieked”

ETA: Not everyone who has a uterus is a woman and vice versa - I have no doubt that this gentleman would also discredit trans and non-binary folks for altogether different (and terrible) reasons.

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…You all need to stop thinking about this in terms of “diversity” and start thinking intersectionality. As a movement based on empathy for others, intersectionality is something that all feminists have a moral obligation to practice— otherwise your feminism is clearly all about you. And if it’s just all about you, then say so, so that I can choose to work with other people. Just because there happen to be a few POC in this group doesn’t mean you’re doing intersectional work— because when you rely on the sole presence of brown individuals to say you’re doing intersectional work, you’re not actually doing the work. WE are.
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